University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) Fellowship for Undergraduate Programs

University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) is under the leadership of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). As a key university of the nation, it is noted for its advanced science and high technology programs, unique management studies and well-tailored disciplines in the humanities. 

USTC offers 32 undergraduate programs in 12 disciplines as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science, Life Science, Engineering Science, Electronic Information, Computer Science, Geophysics, Environmental Science, Economic Management and Nuclear Engineering. 

The undergraduate programs in USTC are 4-year full-time study and mainly delivered in Chinese, with part of the courses taught in English or bilingually. Bachelor’s degree and graduation certificate will be awarded if the students finish all the required course work and pass the thesis defense.

USTC International Admissions 2021 Call for Application is now open to all international friends.

USTC Fellowship for undergraduate programs has two levels:

  • Level A, funded by USTC, includes tuition waiver, Comprehensive Medical Insurance, monthly stipend of 2,500 RMB and accommodation subsidy;
  • Level B, funded by USTC, includes tuition waiver.

To apply for the fellowship

  • applicants need to create an account in the USTC Application System and select the fellowship that they want to apply for.
  • Applicants can either apply for one level or two levels at the same time.
  • USTC will decide which level of the fellowship may be given based on the comprehensive elevation of the applicant.
  • Each applicant can only be supported by one scholarship. 


  1. Non-Chinese citizens with a valid passport, in good physical and mental health
  2. Having passed new HSK Level 5 or above; applicants whose native language is Chinese, or can provide proof of studying at a high school where the teaching language is Chinese, can apply for HSK test exemption.
  3. Emigrants from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan applying as international students must obtain their current foreign citizenship before April 30th, 2016. In addition, the applicant must live abroad for at least 2 years during the period between April 30th, 2016 and April 30th, 2021 (more than 9 months of residence abroad per year may be considered as one year)
  4. The conditions set by the Document No. 12 (2020) of the Ministry of Education of the PRC (attached) should be met.
  5. Applicants must hold a high school diploma (equivalent to high school diploma in China) by July of 2021.
  6. Applicants must be under the age of 30 by September 1st, 2021.

※ Applicants must not be a registered student in Chinese universities at the time of application.

※ For the graduates to obtain their degrees in 2021, they should submit a Pre-graduation Certificate to ensure that they will complete their study and obtain the degree by July of 2021.

※ Applicants who have been granted for other Chinese scholarship or funds(2021-2022)cannot apply for this scholarship.

Application time: December 1st, 2020 — March 31st, 2021

Application Guideline

1.  Create your account in the online application system;

2.  Fill in all the information and upload the documents as required

* After submission of your application, please keep checking your email box used for login in the application system for further application documentation, online interview information and so on.

Application materials required:

  • Application Form for International Students (Undergraduate Program) (attached)
  • Photocopy of passport (including pages with Chinese visa or residence permit, if applicable)
  • Notarized photocopies of senior high school graduation certificate and transcripts. Applicants who will be graduating from senior high school before July 2021 should provide Pre-graduation Certificate issued by senior high school (Original senior high school graduation certificate and transcripts are required upon registration if get admitted).
  • Photocopies of Certificate of new HSK Level 5 and transcripts (original certificate and transcripts are required upon registration if get admitted); or a proof of studying at a high school where the teaching language is Chinese
  • Foreigner Physical Examination Form (attached)
  • Recommendation letter from senior high school (original copy in Chinese or English)
  • Applicants under 18 by Sept. 1st, 2021 should submit a Guardian Statement (attached). 

*The guardian of the applicant has to stay in Hefei during the period of the applicant’s studying at USTC. Whatever the guardian’s nationality is, he or she must have a stable source of living.

  • Emigrants from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan applying as international students should submit the following documents: 1) Immigration certificate; 2) Proof of cancellation of the original Chinese citizenship; 3) Photocopy of the passport pages with customs stamps (exit and entry) from April 30, 2016 to March 15th, 2021; 4)  Proof of living abroad from April 30, 2016 to March 15th, 2021  

※ Documents in languages other than Chinese or English must be attached with notarized translations in Chinese or English.

※ Application materials will NOT be returned regardless of the application result.

For more information, please visit Official Website.