ZJUI International Undergraduate Degree Program (ZJU Degree)


The Zhejiang University-University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Institute (the ZJU-UIUC Institute, ZJUI) is a cooperatively-run engineering college located on the Zhejiang University (ZJU) International Campus in Haining, China. Complemented with contributions from counterpart colleges and departments from ZJU, ZJU-UIUC Institute provides a world-class engineering education. The institute was officially launched on April 11, 2016. At present, ZJUI has 518 undergraduates and 48 Ph.D. candidates. The ZJUI faculty is composed of talents recruited from top-tier international universities and distinguished professors from ZJU and UIUC. In the three years since its establishment, ZJUI’s multi-disciplinary engineering curriculum has gradually condensed. The preliminary result of this innovative educational practice is becoming evident. Its undergraduate students have distinguished themselves as winners at various international and national competitions and conferences as well as co-authors in renowned academic journals. The ZJUI curriculum provides a strong foundation with a strong mix between both interdisciplinary innovation and teaching practice.

Zhejiang University

Founded in 1897, Zhejiang University is one of China’s oldest and most prestigious institutions of higher education. With strong research strength, ZJU currently ranks among the top three universities on the Chinese mainland and within the top 100 in the Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings and QS World University Rankings. Eighteen disciplines of ZJU are in China’s “Double First-class” Initiative (3rd in China) while 39 disciplines received the top grade in the recent national education assessment (1st in China). The engineering programs of Zhejiang University are collectively ranked as 4th in the World Best Global Universities Rankings published by US News & World Report in 2016. Notably, ZJU has 25 Members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and 25 Members of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Minimum Requirements

Applicants must meet, and submit scores for, at least one of the following minimum requirements to be considered for admission.

SATFor  new SAT exam, a score in the range 1200 (620 minimum in Mathematics, and  650 minimum in Reading & Writing).
ACTACT  Composite score of 25 minimum.
IBAn  overall score of 30 points, including 6 in Mathematics and Physics at higher  level.
ABB,  in one sitting, to include Mathematics and Physics. GCSEs: Mathematics at Grade  B and English at Grade C.

The programs are highly competitive and successful applicants are likely to exceed the minimum requirements substantially.

How to apply

1. Please download the application form here:

Application Form for ZJU International Undergraduate Programs in Engineering.docx

2. Fill in the application form and send it together with all the other required materials to:


Submit required materials:

  • An admission essay
  • High school transcripts
  • Transcripts of recognized tests such as ACT or SAT or IB or A-level from the examining authority
  • Transcripts of recognized english tests such as TOEFL or IELTS if your native language is not English

Applications are reviewed based on all factors in the application record, and will not be considered until they have all materials submitted.

International Applicants

Dual Degree Programs:   

1) International Excellence Scholarships

The most highly qualified applicants will be granted an International Excellence Scholarship, which covers :

• Full tuition: CNY 200,000 per year

• Accommodation on Haining campus: CNY 8,000 per year

• International student medical insurance: CNY 800 per year. (Relevant medical insurance items can be found at www.lxbx.net).

• Living allowance: CNY 1400 per month 

Each scholarship will be reviewed annually and renewed up to four academic years on the conditions that the student meets requirements for satisfactory progress toward the degrees and follows the rules of Zhejiang University and of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

2) Support Scholarships

Each international student admitted, but not receiving an International Excellence Scholarship, will be granted a support scholarship, which covers:

• Partial Tuition Waiver : CNY 80,000 per year

• International student medical insurance: CNY 800 per year. (Relevant medical insurance items can be found at www.lxbx.net).

Each scholarship is renewable up to 4 academic years, subject to a similar annual review as for International Excellence Scholarship.

3) Need-based Scholarships

For admitted students with financial needs, an annual level of tuition waiver above a partial waiver will be considered, consistent with the documented needs and qualifications of the student.

Application Season:  From now on to April 30th, 2021.


Please log in to the International Student Application & Admission System of Zhejiang University (http://isinfosys.zju.edu.cn/recruit/login.shtml), clearly fill in and make sure to complete the online application before the deadline.


1. All the applicants must log into the International Student Application & Admission System of Zhejiang University, submit all the necessary application documents strictly as required and pay the application fee.

2. The winter break is from January 29th 2021 to February 26th 2021. Applications submitted during the above-mentioned time period will be processed after the beginning of the new semester.

For details of Applicants Eligibility, Application, Selection Process and Admission, please refer to the Admission Bulletin (2021): http://iczu.zju.edu.cn/english/redir.php?catalog_id=43496 .

For further information, please refer to:

CSE Homepage http://www.cse.zju.edu.cn/english/